Junichiro Matsumura


東京都葛飾区にある当社では、美容室改修工事、店舗改装リフォームなどの改装工事を3,000件以上してきた実績があります。大手建設業者との連携した店舗改装工事を多く手がけ、最新の技法を用いた施工方法で質の高い改装工事をいたします。 店舗内装の工事は、こだわりを形にしてくれる施工実績の豊富な会社を選ぶことが大切です。


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Our company, located in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, Japan, has a track record of more than 3,000 renovations such as beauty salon renovations and store renovations. We have worked on a number of store renovation projects in collaboration with major construction companies, and we provide high-quality renovation work using construction methods that use the latest techniques. For store interior construction, it is important to choose a company with a wealth of construction experience that will give shape to your commitment.

We cherish the connection with our customers and try to carry out according to the image with high technology, so if you are thinking of requesting interior construction or store interior construction, please use it.


会社名 – Company 株式会社インター・フューチャー Inter Future Inc.
住所 – Address 〒124-0006 東京都葛飾区堀切5-20-13 5-20-13, Horikiri, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, Japan
代表取締役 – CEO 松村 純一郎 Junichiro Matsumura
電話 – Tel 03-5680-7133 +81-3-5680-7133
Fax 03-3690-6472 +81-3-3690-6472
メール - Mail info@inter-future.net



  • Set of interior work
  • General renovation work
  • General extension work
  • Set of store constraction
  • Furniture work
  • Finishing work